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The Original Barrel Barbecue has a large grilling capacity all welded steel construction and is easily capable of catering for 30 guests it comes complete with a lid to make it enable cooking in the British weather, ideal for use at large family party, beer gardens and other large social events, made with detachable legs to aide storage.

original barrel barbecue mid blue barrels in our workshop here in the UK
mid blue barrels in our workshop here in the UK Original Barrel Barbecue in closed position

The Original Barrel Barbecue is fabricated here in the UK to the highest quality reconditioned 45gallon barrel, the main frame work of the barbecue is made from steel angle and the legs are made from square section steels making the barbecue very sturdy on all surfaces, the barrel has the original blue painted finish that it has had from new which looks very stylish and also keeps it protected form the weather, the frame work and legs of the barbecue are not coat so have a bare metal finish. Inside the barbecue you can choose from three quarter grill and a one quarter hot plate or a full grill, the grill are made from 4mm mild steel wire spaced 25mm apart so when cooking they leave the food with chard lines on it like all good barbecues should, in the base section of the barbecue there is a folded metal ashpan which stops the hot ashes touching the outside of the barrel and also make it very easy to remove the used ash.

Supplied ready to use, just unpack, bolt the legs on, fill with charcoal and you're cookin'

Dimensions 34" x 24" x 750mm grill height from ground
grill 21" x 21.5" hot plate10" x 21.5" approximate.
Total cooking area nearly 750 square inches.

£264.99 inc. *FREE England and Wales mainland delivery (Highlands in cure a surcharge for delivery)

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You won't see our Barrel Barbecue's in the shops OR for sale anywhere else on the internet, our Barrel Barbecue's are made from real oil drum barrels they are not bits of tin bolted together pertaining to be barrel bbq's and available in nearly every supermarket & diy store.











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